Google+ Hangouts are a great place to meet new people and have interesting conversations.  There is this anarchistic feeling about them that theoretically anyone can join them at anytime (given where the link is posted).  I will admit I have had some bad luck on Google+ Hangouts and ended up in some very heated debates with people.  However, that is not going to ruin this digital medium for me.  I have met people from all over, and talked to them freely about myself and what I’ve been going through.  One of the best things about meeting these folks was that I didn’t feel so alone anymore.  They would actually listen to me, and could relate to where I was coming from.  I’m continually astonished by how far technology has gone, and how socially connected it has made us.  Hosting Google+ Hangouts has been a blast so far, and embodies the complete antithesis of Chatroulette.


Oh how I dislike Chatroulette…. First, no one wants to see your private parts!!!  I tried diligently for like two days to make friends through this site, and I was thoroughly disappointed.  Maybe I was naïve about what to expect from the site, or how people would used it, but this got tiresome fast.  If it wasn’t how gross some of the people on there were being, then it was how superficial they acted.  The people, who weren’t acting inappropriately, either had a gimmick or just expected one.  To be honest I did get into a genuine conversation with one or two people, but mostly I got skipped over.  If I saw someone who I thought was cool they would quickly disappear.  Whereas, if I came across the plethora of people masturbating, then they would just wait and expected me to skip them; I think it was because their hands were full.  I can honestly say I hate Chatroulette for this, and it has been over a year since my last visit to the site.



Alternatively, with Google+ Hangouts people can be somewhat exclusive with who they wish to meet up with, and when.  I really like the aspect of opening a Google+ Hangout whenever I want and then sharing that link with whomever I wish.  Now the only problem I am facing is finding more cool people to meet up with.  However, don’t think of me as some basement dwelling neck beard.  I do have friends at school and they are always inviting me to go do things.  The only problem I have here is that these college friends of mine are usually from out of town, and I only get to know them briefly.  This summer is a good example of how all my friends from college are either back home with their parents or traveling.  To keep in touch with them I have resorted to use Facebook and emails, but the sad truth is that some of them are never coming back.  I miss these friends, but I must also keep my head up to make new ones.


With all that being said I would like to offer you an invitation to a Google+ Hangout tonight.  A good friend and I host them at 10:30PM EDT every Sunday night.  I have posted the link in the “Anything Goes” chat of for about a month now, and with some success.  This is now my opportunity to formally invite you all to come and chillex with us.  We usually talk about Volunteerism and share our life experiences.  My friend likes to refer to these hangouts as an “Anarchist Empathy Hour,” but I like to think of them more as “Fighting the Matrix.”  Please feel free to join us, and I strongly encourage anyone else who wants to start hosting Liberty Hangouts to give it a try.  You’ll never know who is out there until you make a conscious effort to meet them.


If you choose to subscribe to, please use discount code TYLERLL
to save yourself some money.

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