Here we are again with another beautiful tale of triumph and woe on the internet. Today we have a special guest (Mrs. AnCap) who decided to post a picture of her cat to the Facebook page of group for anarchists to post pictures of their cats in. I will enjoy transcribing and providing commentary for this thread, as I hope you will enjoy following it. I would like to thank Mrs. AnCap for her courage in standing up for Anarcho-Capitalism and giving me the material to work with. I have still yet to be kicked out of this group, and I’m still waiting for the proper materials to troll them with. Thanks to the suggestion made by a good friend I have started to number these threads to make them a bit easier to reference back to. Before we start please enjoy this song that was recently posted on the group’s wall. I give you “CATS NOT COPS,” and thank you for reading along in my journey of exposing these people and how they think/behave.

Original Post by Mrs. AnCap:
This is Kissa, her name means cat in Finnish. She loves short walks to the food bowl and listening to Tom Woods. Anarcho-catipalism
(65 likes, nice play on words.)

1) Person #1: aww, so sweet!

2) Person #2: She’s so beautiful!

3) AnCom #1: Read the rules, no ancapcats
(11 likes for banning AnCaps)

4) Person #3: mitä kaunis suomalainen kissa!
(1 like. Translates to: what a beautiful Finnish cat!)

5) Mrs. AnCap: It’s too late. Ancats have infiltrated. #fuckyourrules

6) Mrs. AnCap: kiitos!! Person #3
(1 like, translates to thank you.)

7) Jason Misandrist Jenkins: Sorry that your owner is a bad person, cat.
(12 likes for a comment made by a self-hating man.)

8) AnCom #1: Such a bummer that anarchists can’t have fun without rightists crashing in
(4 likes, guess profit is right-wing conspiracy)

9) Mrs. AnCap: Such a bummer that we can’t enjoy pictures of cats without automatically excluding certain cats based on the preferences of their owners.
(7 likes, calls them out for discriminating against AnCaps.)

10) AnCom #2: Why don’t you and your cat go over to this female-friendly safe space of rape jokes that your ancap comrades created? There you can connect with all of the other mega-oppressed white people
(2 likes, links to Libertarian Brutalism. I actually tried reaching out to them, but they seem to have better targets to troll at the moment. Don’t worry about it AnCom #2, I hope it is just a matter of time.)

11) AnCom #1: If only some Nazis would post some cats and show us the error of our ideological ways. How about just a group for human beings to post cats in?
(8 likes, hey it’s Godwin’s Law, like we learned about last tread.)

12) AnCom #2: I think that group is called “The entire internet”
(11 likes for AnComs being separate from the internet.)

13) AnCom #1: Shhh, the ancap will get my point
(3 likes, what was your point again, that AnCaps are somehow like Nazis? Also, we can all still READ you, so no need to whisper.)

14) Mrs. AnCap: How can ancoms even own their cats? Shouldn’t you all come up with some absurd means of distributing cats so that everyone is has equal time to pet nice kitties?
(6 likes, nice critique of centralized planning and private property.)

15) AnCom #1: Aaand this is why we don’t like ancaps
(3 likes. Don’t make them question their beliefs, because they can’t back them up.)

16) AnCom #1: Since you believe in absolutist property rights, I’m guessing you won’t have a problem with me torturing “my” cat for amusement? I bought it, after all, and to stop me would violate my natural rights
(3 likes, admits to wanting to torture cats.)

17) AnCom #1: Maybe I’ll homestead the fur and make a black and yellow flag out of it to showcase my independence from the state
(6 likes for using cat pelts to represent Anarcho-Capitalism.)

18) AnCom #2: No but seriously, that Libertarian Brutalist group has all of the rape jokes and shitting on the blacks that an ancap could want, because white boys not being able to make rape jokes or use the word “faggot” is the definition of tyranny
(3 likes for not understand the fight against Cultural Marxism.)

19) Person #4:
(5 likes for picture that explains why they are communists)

20) Person #4: Ancoms like Democracy, don’t let them fool you for being “anarchists”
(4 likes, for calling them out.)

21) AnCom #3: Fuck capitalism yo
(Aww, only 1 like for hating capitalism.)

22) Person #4: “Fuck capitalism”

Wants good products for cheap.
>owns a computer
>owns a smartphone
(5 likes for showing the advantages for capitalism.)

23) Person #4: Or both
(1 like, because he probably does own both)

24) Person #5: “Fuck capitalism” – selfie with an iphone
(3 likes for claiming AnCom #3 has an iphone.)

25) AnCap #1: Banning an idea because you don’t have the patience to engage with it seriously is pretty statist yo.
(1 like for calling them sleeping statists.)

26) AnCap #1: If this is going to be a page for ancoms to post pics of their cats, please change the name of the group and stop implying that this page in any way embraces the entire anarchy movement.
(7 likes for calling them out as fake anarchists.)

27) Person #6: ^^^this
(1 like, has nothing else to post on thread. Game, set, match… I guess.)

28) AnCom #3: Fucking got iPhone for free used my computer I built so what were you saying socialist aren’t Luddites
(Just saying that people smarter than you figured out a way for you to do and get those things through capitalism.)

29) AnCom #1: I had no idea there were this many capitalist scum in the group. Where’s a mod when you need em?
(3 likes, wants to ban some AnCaps for making sense again.)

30) AnCom #1: Ancaps are not anarchists and not all anarchists are communists. Read the description, read some history, and fuck off
(7 likes for not making a very convincing argument.)

31) AnCom #4: The above graphic, titled “Anarchists’ is so resoundingly stupid, I had to walk away from my computer for a minute.
(4 likes for not waking up from your Marxist indoctrination.)

32) AnCom #1: It’s like when the idiot in your philosophy class argues at length that “it’s all relative” or that a word should mean something different
(l like, because words cannot mean multiple things.)

33) AnCap #1: (Patiently waits for explanation of how voluntary transaction isn’t anarchy)
(3 likes, your gonna be waiting for a semantical argument, not a logical one, sorry.)

34) AnCom #1: (Patiently waits for you to leave)
(2 likes for making thread awkward.)

35) AnCom #1: Did you notice this isn’t the group for anarchists to explain theory to their ancaps?
(1 like. Did you notice this is an AnCom group that is easy for AnCaps to troll.)

36) AnCom #4: @AnCap #1 – here is a start
(1 like for link to website whose slogan is “kill capitalism before it kills you.”)

37) AnCap #1: And how, pray tell, do you intend to prevent people from exchanging goods and services, if not by the interference of a state?
(3 likes, points out the logical flaw which makes them communists.)

38) AnCom #1:
(5 likes for cat picture.)

39) AnCap #1: My goodness she is a cutie, I’ll say that
(0 likes for acknowledging AnCom #1’s picture.)

40) AnCom #4: Well, I could ask, in the same snarky way: “And, how, pray tell, do you intend to assert your right to own property if not by interference of the state?” — but is you want a serious answer to your question, you first have to understand the difference between personal possessions and “private property” and that Anarchism is defined, partly, by the opposition to the latter, not the former. To quote the FAQ I just directed you to: “While it may initially be confusing to make this distinction, it is very useful to understand the nature of capitalist society. Capitalists tend to use the word “property” to mean anything from a toothbrush to a transnational corporation — two very different things, with very different impacts upon society. ”
(5 likes for that semantical argument I warned you was coming. Communists don’t believe individuals should own the means of production either.)

41) Person #5: “The above graphic, titled “Anarchists’ is so resoundingly stupid, I had to walk away from my computer for a minute.”

Common when experiencing extreme cognitive dissonance.
(1 like for making commies wake the fuck up.)

42) AnCom #4: Sorry to everyone if that comment became ‘trollish”, I just feel that it is important that people understand the basic concepts before choosing to advocate for a ideological position based upon those concepts
(0 likes, we got your semantic argument. However, if you knew that you were a commie then you would actually be trolling.)

43) AnCap #1: Lets use their example of a transnational corporation: If you have invested your resources into such an endeavor, or started the company yourself, shouldn’t it be, by any definition, yours?
(Questions socialist means of production.)

44) AnCap #1: Lord knows the republicans and democrats are chuckling at the lot of us right now
(1 like for mainstream politics.)

45) AnCom #4: @AnCap #1, the concept of both ‘transnational’ and ‘corporation’ are both rooted in the state, so it is fairly meaningless when you eliminate the state. So simply answer ‘no’
(4 likes for acknowledging corporations can’t exist without a state.)

46) Jason Misandrist Jenkins: AnCap #1, given that “an”-caps are not actually anarchists, the group’s name is fine as it is. Go free enterprise yourself a shitlord capitalist cat page.
(3 likes for discriminating against AnCaps.)

47) Person #5:
(4 likes for classifying the act of bringing up corporations as a strawman argument.)

48) AnCom #3: Anarchocapitalism would just be feudalism plus, fuck your capitalism fuck money
(3 likes for turning a blind eye to economics.)

49) AnCom #1:
(2 likes for picture of cat.)

50) AnCom #5: Maybe its time a few more people where modded (Protip: Not me) so we can start bouncing these ancap shitbirds out the door. I just fail to see why people keep confusing anarchism for ancap bizaro politics
(4 likes for wanting something done without doing it yourself. Protip: Anarcho-Capitalism is the new face of anarchism, and you sir are outdated.)

51) AnCom #5: “And how, pray tell, do you intend to prevent people from exchanging goods and services, if not by the interference of a state?”
Wouldn’t. But there wouldn’t be cops to enforce some rich guys bullshit feudal claim over a factory hundreds of workers run to provide for themselves either. See thats the thing with capitalism, it *needs* a state, or it needs warlords. Anarchists don’t do either.
(5 likes for asserting the complete opposite of voluntaryism.)

52) Queen AnCom: Mrs. AnCap just got banned.
(4 likes, and so it was decreed that free speech is not tolerated when it contradicts somebody else’s beliefs.)

53) AnCom #3: No we use dialogue solidarity and compassion to persuade these folks no undemocratic forms of exclusion lets win folks over not shout them off
(1 like for the opposite of everything I’ve seen AnComs do in this group.)

54) AnCom #5: Nah…… fuck em
(1 like, yeah who are they for having different opinions than you.)

55) AnCom #5: I do “dialoge” with capitalists all day at work. Fuck if I want that noise when I’m goofing off with cats at home.

(Actually I do dialogue with marine biologists, who I actually like! BUT YOU GET MY POINT)
(1 like, you mean you actually take part in capitalism by working. Traitor!!!)

56) AnCom #4: It is primarily ignorance that causes people to defend ‘anarcho-capitalism’ — it is better to talk to people than to shut them out.
(1 like, haha yeah it’s best to talk to people unless you think their ideas are stupid.)

57) AnCom #3: You catch more flies with honey
(1 like. Hey man, who are you to profit from the labor of the worker bees? You are just some specist bourgeois bee slaver. Check those jimmies, I think they just got rustled.)

58) AnCap #5: Yes but as the cats in here would point out, you catch more mice with teeth.
(3 likes for implied sadism.)

59) Queen AnCom: Ancap cover photos are the worst.
(2 likes for defending this kingdom founded by Marxism, free from the logic of AnCaps.)

60) Person #7: actually, the honey vinegar thing depends on the type of fly. 😛
(1 like, points out exception to AnCom #3’s comment.)

61) Person #7: some species will like honey more, others go fucking apeshit for vinegar
(2 likes, glad to know you are lord of the flies.)

61) AnCom #3: Y’all know what I mean fucking ancap bullshit with their fedoras and bullshit
(Probably mad AnCaps are not as douchey as him, and I think the fedora is more of a hipster thing. Isn’t that right up your alley?)

63) AnCom #3: But we should be welcoming most these folks are a little miss informed and a little scared we shouldn’t run them off though just let them know they are plainly wrong
(1 like. That’s a scary thought because they will prove that you and your friends are plainly wrong.)

64) Queen AnCom: Ancaps get banned. The place to debate is not here.
(5 likes, and so it was decreed again.)

65) AnCom #3: You don’t sound very anarchist sister
(It’s sad because he might actually have good intentions mixed in there with all that hate for capitalism.)

66) Queen AnCom: I’m an admin and I don’t have time for ancap bullshit. I’m also not yr sister.
(8 likes. You dare question my authority?)

67) AnCom #3: I’m sorry us working class plebs use regional accents do I need to go to fancy ass college to speak or something
(1 like. Yes, they are infighting over semantics.)

68) Queen AnCom: I didn’t even graduate the 8th grade. Now that’s fancy.
(1 like for flunking out of middle school.)

69) Person #8: This is also not “a group for anarchists to help people who are a little misinformed and a little scared.”
(4 likes, yeah it’s a group for scared misinformed commies.)

70) AnCom #4: All of these points are true, and things can devolve into name calling quickly — more pictures of cats, less defending ideologies, there are other groups for that
(5 likes to keeping it all about the cats.)

71) AnCom #3: Ancrap is the easiest argument to beat just point out its origins and then the origins of anarchism voila we win
(0 likes, they probably don’t like you anymore dude. Thanks for the pun finally, you commutard.)

72) Person #8: I’m not here to win. I’m here to fucking look at cat pics I can’t see anywhere else on the internet.
(9 likes for commie cats you can’t find on the internet by simply googling them.)

73) AnCom #1: My kitties are ready to fuck up some ancaps. Check out those unamused stares
(2 likes for advocating violence against AnCaps. That took awhile, but finally showed up.)

74) Person #9: Funny how a posting of a cat photo can become a logical fallacy-riddled debate between ancaps and ancoms.

Especially since by now one would think that ancaps would have figured out that ancoms have a different definition of “private property” than ancaps do, and ancoms would have have figured out ancaps have a different definition of “capitalism” than ancoms do.

It’s sort of like watching people who speak 2 different languages having a debate (actually, that’s EXACTLY what it is), or some sort of ridiculous Monty Python or Keystone Cops routine. How long will it take for the 2 sides to get it together? Who the hell knows….

Anarchism without adjectives, FTW…….
(2 likes. Wow a smart person showed up, hope he doesn’t catch any shit.)

75) AnCom #1:
(2 likes for picture of cat.)

76) AnCom #3: Die Person #9 just die anarcho capitalism is bullshit plain and simple anarchism has the objective of participatory democracy in the workplace and everywhere else you can’t have that with a boss or executives we don’t want small fiefdoms every where we don’t want a republic we want a socialist system described by the likes of Emma Goldman and Kropotkin ect ect not ayn rand and Murray rothbard so fuck that shits post stuff about anarchism which is diverse and cool or cats which are awesome but mainly cats
(I fucking called it. Can’t talk sense to stupid.)

77) Person #9: ^No need to wish death on people, dude. Completely uncalled for.

Indeed, though, you are right…. Anarcho-capitalism is bullshit. So is anarcho-communism. So is anarcho-hyphen-anything. There is just anarchism, not 2 or 5 or 10 types. Opposition to imposed hierarchical so-called “authority”. That’s it. Anything else is just focusing on a person’s particular pet issue.

And fuck you for wishing death on me because I won’t join your little distraction-from-the-goal debating society, and instead want to keep striking the root. Now THAT’S bullshit.
(Really, only 1 like for pointing out ignorance and calling out the advocation of violence.)

78) AnCom #3: I fucking hate apologetics
(Everyone should apologize that you are in this group.)

79) Person #9: Meh. Whatevs…..
(Shakes it off and quits like a boss.)

80) Jason Misandrist Jenkins: No solidarity with people who want to enslave me. Sorry, no compromise on that.
(6 likes for the person who believes in voluntary slavery.)

81) AnCom #6: Fuck off anarcho capitalist
(2 likes for telling people to leave who don’t agree with us.)

82) AnCom #3: Fuck off indeed or join us and drop the bullshit ether or
(Only 1 like because I think the other AnComs think you’re full of shit too.)

83) AnCom #6: I feel sry for cat and i am drunk
(3 likes for being drunk on Facebook.)

84) Random Girl: *likes all the comments, takes a shot* Oooooh, pretty kitty. 🙂
(1 like, has nothing else to post on entire thread.)

85) AnCom #6: This is me biting a bunch of Keys from swedish anarcho-syndicalist union feeling sorry for cat ans trying to get home
(3 likes for proving himself drunk, walking down the street, and playing on his phone.)

86) AnCom #6: Ok its just the plastic thing thata from union, dunno how to translate
(0 likes, no one cares.)

87) AnCom #6: I just walked 15 minutes on the right road but in the wrong direction, 1 like = 1 care
(3 likes, proves he just wants attention, while also being an idiot.)

88) AnCom #1: I hope a kitty comes to your aid
(1 like. Yeah, maybe then they can house and feed him too.)

89) Person #10: She did write Anarcho-CATipalism in her original post… maybe it was just a bad play on words?
(Doesn’t know Mrs. AnCap is an AnCap, and feels guilty.)

90) Queen AnCom: Yeah, but she has anarcho-capitalist cover photos. As far as I am concerned, she’s an ancap.
(2 likes, don’t you question Queen AnCom.)

91) Jason Misandrist Jenkins She’s an actual ancrap. No need to feel guilty.
(I feel guilty no one has called you out for still being named blatantly sexist.)

92) Person #10: AHHH, ok! My empathy has magically disappeared.…/GIF/2014/04/Magic-reaction-gif.gif
(2 likes for proving she is one of them.)

93) AnCom #6: catipalism is always bad
(1 like. Cause you’re spoiled and haven’t seen what it’s like when it doesn’t work. Also, I think that is all you think you know about **Capitalism. That’s Mrs. AnCap’s joke, you can’t say it.)

94) AnCom #6: but i think that the cat is cute
(3 likes, for what 65 other people already liked on the OP.)

95) AnCap #1: Tom Woods is a right winger also Person #10
(Yeah whatever, I’m glad you people stopped posting)

Well, there we have it folks. More AnComs advocating for violence and restricting free speech, while hating on anyone that happens to disagree with them. At least we saw an admin this time around, and I wonder how many people she bans everyday. I still have my cover intact, and I’m waiting for more ways to approach trolling them. I do kind of like proving how stupid they are without them threatening to kill me though. Feel free to email me at with any suggestions. Also, I did a little more work when looking into these AnComs, and found where they have another base of operations, it is called Cats Against Capitalism! Looking back I wish Mrs. AnCap had more to say before they banned her, but I figure she proved her point.

This is one of the last things posted at Cats Against Capitalism!

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