I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed. Mostly in myself, but also in how I wanted to be received by others. Here is where I will clear that up, and present my plans for the rest of the year.


To start, I’m disappointed in myself because I haven’t broken 35 articles in the time I was hoping to as I mentioned before. The reason for that was because I just started back at school and I don’t want to hog the article section on the front page of Liberty.me. If I was to meet my personal goal of 35 articles, I would have had to write 25 articles in two weeks; thereby posting two articles a day. I did post 2 in one day, and a friend of mine let me know that my post bumped his down. When I looked at the article page my posts where #2 and #6, and his was #8. I understand that the most appreciated articles stay up longer (mine haven’t really been that successful), and I will limit myself to posting one article per day at the most. Not only will this give me more time with my work, but by rationing them out incrementally they might catch more attention. Regardless, I’ve made it to 25 articles in two weeks, and it won’t be long before I get that Publishing Veteran achievement.


I have created a group solely devoted to writers, their process, and their work. I would like to announce Friendly Fridays and what those days mean to me.

I am a busy person now that school has started back up, but I don’t want my digital presence here to disappear. To meet the needs of others who want to work together, and to accomplish my mission of helping people with their writing, I am willing to devote one day a week solely to you; my fellow readers and writers. Thanks for all the submissions, appreciations, comments, and discussions. However, I want to get to know you more personally, and I feel a great way of doing that is through Google+ Hangouts. They are easy to setup and we can schedule them around a time that best fits your routine. I am fortunate in that I have all my work and classes lined up to be over by Thursday, so I enjoy a three day weekend every weekend (This week it’s four with Labor Day). Yet, I can’t let this time go by without being productive.


This is where you come in. Feel free to send me any drafts you want looked over or edited through an email attachment to 10706ty@gmail.com. In the email itself, be sure to tell me of any concerns and/or problems you are having with your writing. Also, we can do this face to face by scheduling a digital consultation at a time that works best for you. The trouble I am having now is when trying to convey complex abstractions within the writing process; it’s hard to get all of it into an email. I have all these thoughts and suggestions, but what I can tell someone about their writing in five minutes through a conversation, often takes half an hour to write up and elaborate on in an email.


This is mostly because the best way for me to help you in the writing process is by getting to know you more personally and vibe you out, instead of just reading over your lines of text and then telling you something you already know. At work we often talk about making better writers over better texts, and often that means taking the time to actually talk with others about writing in general.


I don’t want you to feel like I’m being too intrusive, so I have put something else together to help writers get more comfortable in occupying a digital space with others. Every Friday I hope to host a live Google+ Hangout with people who are interested in meeting other writers and sharing their writing. This is much less formal than a consultation, and will mainly focus on the meet & greet along with casual conversations about general topics. We will also talk about our experiences as writers, what we are working on, and what or who we’d like to work with in the future. These hangouts will be a safe place for all, and welcoming to anyone who wants to talk and geek-out about writing.


Unfortunately, I don’t think we will have all the time we need to get too specific about your writing, as we could in a one-on-one consultation. However, this will be a good place to set up a consultation and figure out Google+ Hangouts. I’m trying to schedule these every Friday from 3PM to 5PM EDT, but I can move the time back some if people have to work 9AM-5PM. I can’t push it back too late because I don’t want people to miss anything happening on Liberty.me Live. Also, I fully acknowledge and respect anyone who wants to blow off working and enjoy a Friday night out on the town. Even I, myself, don’t want to write, read, and edit all night long when my friends want to chill at the end of the week.


So with all this in mind, I ask that you take part in the discussion forum on the Writers’ Corner group page, email me anything you want looked over, setup a consultation to go over your work together, and/or join the Google+ Hangouts to meet with others and talk about your writing on Fridays at 3PM EDT. I think by making Fridays a more open place for people to talk about and work on their writing, we can see stronger content uploaded to this site or published wherever on the internet. We can all gain insight about the writing process by simply talking about it with others. I am here to let you know that Fridays are where I want to focus my time to meet this new goal of creating a writers’ community here at Liberty.me.

Friendly Friday dark

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