The following is a post I found on Facebook that captures Benjamin Wood’s frustration in young people who go to college to study nonsense on the taxpayers’ dime, only to then beg the government to fuhgeddaboudit. Or even worse, to create a job for them because there is no demand for their “skills” in the free-market.

As someone who chose not to finish school because I didn’t see the benefits exceeding the costs of the degree, I can think of no more offensive concept than government-financed student loans being “forgiven.” It kindles a righteous rage inside of me that defies description, but I’m going to do my best to express it, in full.

First of all, nothing I’m about to say applies to friends who got STEM degrees, because hardly any of them are complaining about their degrees or their debt. They acquired a valuable skill set, and now they’re being compensated for their value to their fellow man. Kudos, smart friends. Go make that paper.

I’ve worked full-time and lived on my own since I left school at 20 years old. I’ve come close to living out of my Jeep. I’ve been eligible for food stamps and sundry other public subsidies for the majority of that time and chosen not to take them. I’ve involuntarily contributed a significant amount of money to the US Federal government. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been my own, and I’ve earned what I’ve gotten.

I don’t begrudge a single other soul their possessions….what’s earned is earned, and what isn’t earned justly tends to destroy the soul of the person who holds it….so I’m not worried about what others have. Life isn’t about material possessions, anyway.

But this isn’t the standard view… I regularly see 20-something, largely Caucasian yuppies who got a college degree in the United States of America in the 21st Century (literally the most blessed, privileged class of persons to ever exist in the history of our species) claiming victimhood….they deserve more property. They were misled. They thought their degrees were supposed to guarantee a lifetime of higher earnings. After all, who WOULDN’T want to hire someone with an extensive knowledge of Mesoamerican literature? And now they want the US Government (Aka: the US Taxpayer…Aka: Me) to forgive their debt.

This privileged class of persons wants to know: “Where is our privilege?? We were told this degree would grant us privileges! Immunity from unemployment! A job that pays better than the kinds of jobs those….*flare nostrils in disgust*….POOR people work. College degrees supposedly guarantee $1,000,000 more in lifetime earnings….haven’t you seen that graph!? If I don’t get the privileges, I shouldn’t have to pay for this degree!! WHERE ARE MY PRIVILEGES!?!?!?”

If you got hoodwinked by your guidance counselor, didn’t employ any critical thinking skills, and concluded that your liberal-arts degree was going to get you something other than a semi-regular shift as a barista….I’m sorry. That’s on you, dumbass.

But the hilarious irony is that these persons (again, 21st Century college graduates in the United States being the most privileged class of individuals currently or ever living on earth) are going to turn around and demand that I – a person who didn’t follow the dogma of degree-or-else – finance their poor decision-making.

To any person in my generation who thinks their student debt is my problem, I have a very clear message: Fuck you. You had a choice. You were 18+ years old. If you weren’t sure what you wanted to do with your degree, maybe you should have taken some time off and explored the job market and gotten a feel for what knowledge and skills are really valuable to others, rather than do as mommy and daddy insisted or as everyone else was doing. You chose to stay. I chose to leave and I’ve done well by myself…. I’m not paying for your shit so you can keep living your never-ending adolescence.