Email received March 7th at 9:44PM

Titled: ANCAP


Dear Tyler Lloyd–

I’ve run across your literature, and have read both “ANCAP SWAGGER” and “NOT TOO POLITICALLY CORRECT.” I wanted to write you a short email mostly to convey this message:

Please do not be discouraged by the “snubbing” library incident described in “NOT TOO POLITICALLY CORRECT.” I’ll agree with you on the point of feeling judged…but can’t help wondering if your total distaste of “leftist” politics stems from these “snubbing” incidents? Please don’t let this alienating incident (or, perhaps, incidents?) cast a blanket narrative for all your opinions on us anarchists. However, I can’t help but cringe at your wholesale disregard for Marxist, Feminist, Postcolonial and/or New Historicist political analyses (as listed in your “MARX’S MATRIX: DISCLAIMER”)…no disrespect, but that’s some straight up backwards ass shit right there, and that kind of thinking is probably the root of the snubbing, not your lack of crusty punk clothing.

This next bit may sound condescending or sarcastic, but I truly don’t mean it to be, because (as you described in your “typist” article), not much good comes from calling people names, and I agree with you there–

PLEASE BEWARE of these anarcho sub groups, particularly ones whose analyses rely on vague explanations of the root of all our problems. The world is fucked up for a multitude of interconnected reasons…and even though yes, we do live under the control of the “state,” the intersecting prejudices of the citizenry uphold these powers. Abolishing the state entirely like, today, isn’t going to rid amerika of all these racist, sexist, homophobic shitheads which are making many of our lives hell. These simplistic explanations are dangerous. Perhaps you have heard of the trend of National Anarchism, another sub group which uses a bastardized “version” of anarchism to advocate race-based tribal fascism? Seriously. These ideologies exist and are incredibly dangerous for folks trying to work towards non hierarchical living.

I would recommend “TO CHANGE EVERYTHING,” (, a collaboration project put out by some media anarchists. (Normally I think CrimeThinc is bullshit but this collab project is pretty on point).

Thank you for reading this. Please keep on writing & challenging yourself.
-Some White Trash Of the Radical Left

PS– really though, yall need to stop using the word “slavery” in reference to paying taxes. I mean, forking over a bunch of $$ sucks but hardly equates to chattel slavery. Same thing goes for using “sexual assault” in reference to frisking.

My Response:

The most outspoken people are often the target of criticism, but it is important to acknowledge that simply because someone is being criticized, they should not be thought of as lesser. Critics always run the chance of turning into shitheads, only pushing their own agenda, and from which they seek to impose only their perspective onto the work of everyone. The writer mentions 4 fields of critical theory (Marxism, Feminism, Postcolonial, and New Historicism) that I reject and write adamantly against because those perspectives are harmful when they are imposed onto everyone (Now that is some straight up backward-ass shit). As for “all these racist, sexist, homophobic shitheads which are making many of our lives hell” I think they just disagree with Know-it-All AnCom’s radical politics, and he/she has to act like a Typist to make a bogeyman out of dissenting views (even though he/she mentioned reading my article on Typism).

I don’t know if I’ve met this person in real life, but when they sign “-Some White Trash Of the Radical Left” I doubt if I ever will. I know I surely don’t want to, and I often come across people who want to argue with me or misconstrue the things I say (this is why National Anarchism was brought up). Other people just don’t understand my perspective or even want to; which I only have so much patience for because it comes to a point where no matter what I say people are just stuck in their own blue-pill ways of thinking. This is great though, I don’t want everyone to agree with me; how bland. However, it does take more effort to critique bad criticism, than merely producing my own original content.

The only problem I have is when other people try to force their political opinions onto me, regardless of how well I’ve demonstrated my disinterest or that such activity is immoral. Doing this through “snubbing” is probably the reason I’ve been so fortunate in the past, and why they are so butt-hurt now. Yet, these leftist circles are nowhere near the ones I wish to travel in. Surprisingly, what’s happening is more people are starting to lean libertarian, making recruitment for AnComs harder, thus leading them to go extinct by the hands of their own outdated and failed rhetoric. Therefore, it would only be a matter of survival for them to invade groups doing well. Then, in the hopes of destroying those movements they can find new prospects that will advocate their same political agenda. This becomes obvious when they try to ostracize respected members of that group (like Ron Paul), on shaky grounds that amount to little more than slander from manipulative cynics. The only other thing I know of that acts this way is a virus.

I probably met this person a month ago at a Liberate RVA Freedom Gathering. Recently the local AnComs have been trying to appropriate some of LRVA’s events, and saw fit to invite everyone from the Facebook page to their dumb SJW workshops. At the last Freedom Gathering I printed out a bunch of zines and gave them away to anyone interested, but these AnComs actually had the nerve to bring their own literature; spreading it out right next to ours. Not only will this mislead the audience when reading two drastically different political perspectives, it also exemplifies how they wish to appropriate our group’s success. If the local AnComs were having any luck they would be doing their own thing, instead of trying to leech-off of the success of others. I could even summarize this email as such:

– Hey, I think what you are thinking is wrong, but if you want to think what I think then here is the link.

Now, I don’t like deconstructing criticism because it often comes from someone too dumb or biased to actually create something meaningful. However, addressing their criticism is important so people know where they are coming from, and so the audience doesn’t think I hold any of their dumb beliefs. Sadly, this is an image problem the Liberty Movement has had for a while now, as people who don’t know us wish to actively talk about us more and more. The real irony is how accessible we are, and how often they refuse to speak with us. Then when they do talk with someone like Kal they want to argue with him for hours, leaving little time for all the other people who wanted to talk to him. Instead of hearing the perspectives of Anarcho-Capitalism, they assume Anarcho- Tribalism or Neofeudalism and consistently insist that their collectivist opinions are better. To put it short, when spreading Anarchy, communists posing as anarchists are bad for business.

The only reason I am taking the time to write about this is because I’ve heard of a similar situation at the last Students For Liberty event. Too often when my friends and I are talking about politics, someone uninvited comes straight out of left field with the most cynical perspectives from which they then advocate totalitarian collectivist solutions. They seek to spread misinformation, reverse-prejudice, and use political coercion in the name of some misguided attempt at equality. These people don’t need to be stopped or silenced, but they should be stopped at the door if you want your event to be fun, productive, and run smoothly. Otherwise, the event will inevitably devolve into a bunch of arguing and bitching from people who, most certainly are, our ideological rivals. At the last freedom gathering they all left as quickly as they arrived, saying nothing to anyone outside of their group and making no friends from LRVA, leaving only a vacuum in the audience that shouldn’t have been filled by them in the first place.

Not Too Politically Correct is an attempt to reorganize and get my future zines to maintain one critical theme for each.