Here is a fun little trip down the darker side of Facebook where people who believe in Anarcho-Communism go to post pictures of their cats. You would think this page is harmless, because cats are already all over the internet. So why would it be all that interesting here? Well you are about to find out, as a fellow Anarcho-Capitalist friend of mine attempts to troll them. He got himself and many other AnCaps banned from this Facebook group, but luckily I have yet to blow my cover. The original post from Facebook is here. If you are also inclined to troll them, or are interested in joining the group to look at pictures of their cats the name of the group’s page is group for anarchists to post pictures of their cats in. To be fair they do have almost 5,000 members, but it is all the anti-capitalist hate that caught the attention of my friends and I. In this article I will provide a transcript and personal commentary of the thread to show where it goes from bad, to worse, to just blatantly insulting and threatening. I have removed the names of the people involved as to not pick on them, so please enjoy this commentary unfold as we observe this special type of very dangerous statists in their own natural habitat.

Original Post
My Friend: Ancap kitty plots against butthurt commies in this group.
(He got 90 likes for this post, which makes me think there are other AnCaps following the thread. Either way it is a beautiful cat, and that could have been the only thing that was liked about the post)

Person #1: Venus is not an ancap

Person #2: This cat is so beautiful it took my breath away! All bow before the Celtic kitty!
(4 likes, wants us all to worship cats.)

Person #1: you can like her here
(2 likes, is obviously trying to draw attention away from the original post.)

Person #3: “an”caps
(15 likes, appears to be a rallying cry, or meant “an” craps.)

Person #4: Ancaps plotting against “bitthurt commies” once again proving that ancaps don’t know who the enemy is.

Pro tip: it’s not the folks who point out sexist/oppressive talk.
(6 likes, misspells butthurt while quoting it, and asserts that original post is politically incorrect.)

Person #5 deserves his Facebook profile to be noticed as it is Jason Misandrist Jenkins . Really guy? Misandry is your middle name? I guess that makes him cooler here for some reason.

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: Butthurt ancap who doesn’t know what anarchism means posts butthurt post. #ftfy
(6 likes, and flips the argument on the original post with hashtag “Fixed that for you.”)

Person #6: ancops ?

Person #6: (sorry, i guess the pun is a common one, but we don’t have any “ancap” around where i live)
(Hmm… 0 likes, and forgot the pun “an” craps.)

Person #7: Ancap kitty cannot comprehend that Anarchism and Capitalism is not compatible and will never go hand in hand.
(9 likes, implicates the antithesis of Anarcho-Capitalism without backing up that claim up.)

Person #6: “ancap” kitty has been labeled so by them specist “master”
(4 likes, implies anti-capitalist rhetoric while calling out the original post for not fitting yet another unique form of political correctness. Bravo.)

Person #8: Idk I like Venus too but she sells an awful lot of merch some of which is sold through GUND which is owned by the Enesco corporation so maybe she IS an ancap?
(2 likes, makes a good point, but it supports my friend’s claim so it doesn’t matter. It’s not like they have this group on Facebook because of Capitalism.)

Person #8: Anyways I think I just doxxed a cat so I’m going to go ahead and kill myself now.
(6 likes for suicide.)

Person #1: I suspect she’s just a cap tbf, I’m cool with her being a bastard but not an idiot
(7 likes, “To be fair”. Doesn’t define difference between bastard and idiot.)

Person #9: I can’t believe people are shameless enough to make weak ass posts like this
(8 likes. Well they did, so prepare to be trolled.)

Me: This was like so awesome
(0 likes, trying to see if there are any other AnCaps here.)

Person #10: So beautiful.
(1 like)

Person #11 is a new Facebook friend of mine, and he got kicked while I was still following this thread in real-time; proving how active the admins are here. Let’s call him AnCap #1, and I personally thanked him for spicing things up.

AnCap #1: Oh, so this group is doing the whole ancap v ancom infighting thing now too?

(2 likes, adds brutalist picture)

Person #9: >infighting
>implying that they were ever peers
(9 likes, already starts condescending. That was fast.)

AnCap #1 I’ve never heard a good answer for how exactly 7 billion people are going to surrender their property, give up for profit business, and not use the force of the state to do it in the eight years I’ve been asking the question, but I’m not going to argue the point with you retards in the fucking cat group.
(2 likes, insults them and acts condescending while actually making a legitimate grievance about Anarcho-Communism.)

Person 12: k bye
(3 likes, first time saying anything here. Can’t tell if this is person is telling AnCap #1 he should leave, or if Person #12 left and just stopped reading the thread.)

Person #6: @AnCap #1 I’ve never heard 7 billion had property. However, it seems like 67 people own half of the world’s wealth.
(3 likes, apparently jealous of 67 people while contradicting herself on property rights.)

Person #9: It’s funny that people still can’t make the distinction between personal property and private property.
(5 likes, still condescending without backing up those claims with definitions or evidence.)

Person #6: Well, he seems to “never hear” anything. Maybe he doesn’t read anything either.
(1 like, starts condescending by implying AnCap #1 is illiterate without giving him any suggestions of what to read.)

Person #13: Jesus tapdancing Christ, you think were ever going to have a stateless society if we can’t even have a civil group to share pics of our goddamn cats??
(7 likes, blames trolls for statism.)

Person #14: Gee. The man arguing the case for ancaps also uses “retard” as a pejorative. I’m shocked.

(PS: fuck ableism.)
(11 likes for condescending political correctness.)

Person #6: “I don’t want to argue with you retards but I still want to make my point”
(2 likes, pokes fun at AnCap #1 by misquoting him without properly refuting him.)

Person #6: You know…

(8 likes for this insult.)

AnCap #1: > tells me what I can and can’t buy, sell, trade, and keep
> tells me what I can and can’t say
> anarchist
(2 likes, points out Person #6 & #9 condescension while implying lack of personal freedom in both of their philosophies.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins > Supports the hierarchical system of capitalism
> Blames the poor for the resultant class oppression
> “anarchist”
(7 likes, implicates AnCap #1 as classist, while maintaining sexist name)

Person #6: XD
Look at him. He tried to reason somehow. This is priceless
(0 likes for trying to reason with AnComs)

Person #6: (talking about AnCap #1 muhmuhmuh blablabla)
(0 likes, wants everyone to know who she is being rude to.)

Person #6: Geeee it’s been a loooong time i haven’t used this pic
(Yay, finally got 1 like. It feels good to get attention.)

Person #14: Nobody told you what you could or couldn’t say, I just pointed out you’re an asshole for the words you chose.
(6 likes, somehow she is not an asshole for asserting political correctness.)

Person #6: Yeah. For exemple, you were authorized to write “I’m not going to argue the point with you retards” and contradict yourself in the minute.
We anarchists are soooo permissive xD
(0 likes, doesn’t realize she contradicts herself by claiming someone has “authorization” to stay what they want. She picks on him for being politically incorrect for using the R-word.)

AnCap #1: Find the post where I claimed to blame things on the poor, and I’ll buy your next tab of LSD.

I’ll buy you a whole sheet, if you can find any historical example of a society that functioned for more than a few years without some form of hierarchy and commerce.
(1 like, makes the point of assuming AnComs must be on drugs, and that they detoured the argument with assertion of poverty.)

Person #6: Are you able to talk about something else than “buying” and “selling” ?
(2 likes, assumes AnCaps only care about money.)

Person #6:
(0 likes, finds the need to link a wiki for the word “free”. Great job referencing.)

Person #6: (although one can enslave the very notion of freedom by putting “market” right after the adjective)
(1 like, makes semantic argument, but fails to do more than blame the “free market”.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: Oh boy. Someone who likes capitalism but doesn’t like the outcome of capitalism.
(2 likes, continues to just blame capitalism.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: Also: Paris Commune. Before capitalists crushed it.
(2 likes, fails to provide link or evidence.)

Person #6: He wants examples, he is so cute. Yeah, come in paris so that i can show you a few things personally. Apart if you fear we might eat you.
(0 likes, fails to provide link and assumes AnCap #1 knows what she is talking about. Then implies cannibalising AnCap #1.)

Person #12: @AnCap #1 – Do I get a sheet for each one?
(1 like, said bye earlier but stayed around to see if there were any drugs to be found.)

Person #12: Sorry, I meant to write, @AnCap #1 – Do I get a sheet for each one?
(0 likes, reiterates wanting drugs.)

Person #15: While y’all are debating what anarchism is, reminder that the term “butt-hurt” is a negative connotation to homosexuality.
(1 like, reaffirming original poster is homophobic and politically incorrect.)

Me: How do you enforce political correctness in a stateless society?
(1 like, genuine question.)

Person #16: Free association?
(0 likes, doesn’t elaborate.)

AnCap #1: Why shouldn’t I talk about buying and selling, when still nobody is going to explain why I can’t or how they plan to stop me without the use of a police state. Also, I just Googled the Paris Commune. It didn’t work out because it was never viable. Also, someone is really going to have to explain to me how this shit was a form of anarchism.

“…revolutionary and socialist government that briefly ruled Paris from 18 March until 28 May 1871”
> government
> ruled
(1 like, brings rebuttal pointing out statism.)

AnCap #1: I’m not sure what’s so hard to understand about the simple fact that if you can’t opt out, IT’S NOT FUCKING ANARCHISM.
(1 like, calls them out for not respecting self-ownership.)

AnCap #1: You retards.
(0 likes, insults them while giving them more ammo to call him ableist.)

AnCap #1: And, yeah. I know what I said before about not arguing in the cat group, but fuck it. I’m having fun now.
(1 like, now wants to argue, and admits to trolling.)

Person #12: Mods – Please ban capitalist ableist troll who demands free labor from us.
(3 likes, still hasn’t left and pleas for admin to ban AnCap #1.)

Me: Well then can I freely disassociate from people who believe in political correctness and cultural Marxism?
(1 like, this is a stumper.)

Person #12: k bye
(1 like, second time she’s said this. I think she was saying this to me so I’d leave.)

AnCap #1: “Please ban…” <——– anthem of communists everywhere.
(0 likes, calls them out as communists.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: > Doesn’t know that anarchism is inherently anti-capitalist.
> Proceeds to lecture us about anarchism.
(4 likes, still condescends without actual rebuttal just semantics.)

Person 12: Guy probably couldn’t even get the acid
(3 likes, still affirming she wants drugs.)

AnCap #1: “Your logic pales in comparison to my arbitrary semantical gymnastics!”
(0 likes, insists on having a logical argument with them.)

AnCap #1: Still waiting to hear about how you’re gonna keep me from engaging in commerce without a state!
(0 likes, imposes a question.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: *200 years of anarchist thought. #ftfy
(2 likes, makes wide reference without actually referencing anything, ignores answering the question, and hashtagged “Fixed that for you”.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: Depends on what you mean by commerce.
(0 likes, wants to play another semantic game.)

AnCap #1: I don’t think your 200 years of anarchist thought is gonna shut down ANY form of commerce.
(0 likes, flips the wide reference made by Jason Misandrist Jenkins on him.)

Person #16: bullets?
(1 like for advocating violence.)

Me: Violence?
(0 likes, questioning the advocation of violence.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: No, but it conclusively demonstrates that you’re an idiot who has no clue what anarchism is. That’s enough for me today.
(1 like, no rebuttal just rage quits. I wish this is where he actually stops.)

AnCap #1: Can we please stop dancing around the issue and answer the question? I’m running a for-profit lemonade stand in Ancommistan. Whatchu gonna do about it, prole?
(0 likes, asks them to address his question while giving them more ammo to call him politically incorrect because of homophobic meme. Nice one calling them the proletariat.)

Person #12: I have tap shoes because I’m an actual tap dancer. I relished the opportunity to tap dance around the unconscious body of a homophobic, ableist, capitalist man-child.
(4 likes, fantasizes celebrating violence happening to AnCap #1, and tells him he is politically incorrect with insult.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: Probably shoot you in the face.
(2 likes for advocating violence to fight capitalism.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: No NAP. No problem.
(Thankfully no likes, but he continues to advocate violence.)

Person #17: Wow Tyler, really, is that the question you were able to come up with in an anarchist group. Education, Syndicalism, Free Association, Socialism, Communalism, Direct Democracy, Technology. shall I carry on?
(0 likes, calls me out for asking a question, lists things without elaborating, doesn’t answer my question or give context for the list, then asks if he answered my question.)

AnCap #1: Your solution for the lemonade stand problem is to shoot me in the face? Lol, wow. Ancommistan is even more violent and oppressive than the United States government. Nice. You know what would happen if you opened up a communal village in Ancapistan? Nothing. You’re not doing anything any ancap would find objectionable… at least until you start shooting people for supporting themselves financially. At that point, you’ve earned every ounce of napalm you get.
(1 like, calls them out for advocating violence.)

Person #18: ancaps……. smh
(3 likes, first time talking just to “shake my head” at ancaps.)

Person #18: all ancaps are either trolling or reading the wrong books imo
(3 likes, gives no source material to criticize with “in my opinion.”)

Person #12: Both, probably
(0 likes, agrees with Person #18.)

Me: @Person #17 I don’t understand what you’re saying because you haven’t explained anything.
(2 likes, calling out Person #17 for not making an argument. Person #17 doesn’t post on thread again.)

Person #18: yes true, it could be both also heh
(0 likes, reiteration but no clarification.)

Person #19 & #20 turn out to actually have some Anarcho-Capitalist arguments so we are going to give them the names AnCap #2 & AnCap #3 to set them apart. I’m pretty sure they are not Anarcho-Capitalists though. Also I apologize if I mix up any genders for some of these people, their Facebook profiles are vague and without pictures of themselves. Thus, I just went with what gender I thought their name sounded like.

AnCap #2: kudos to him for finding a black/gold cat, that’s kinda clever
(1 like, compliments the original post)

AnCap #2: doesn’t really make up for being part of an ideology which is like 99% male, though (no lie, they did a poll on their reddit group)
(2 likes, complains about lack of female AnCaps. That will disprove an entire philosophy.)

AnCap #3: You just all need to accept that insider DC think tanks like Cato and Heritage are the wave of the anarchist future
(1 like, either claims AnComs are outdated, or is being sarcastic.)

Person #6: “Also, I just Googled the Paris Commune. It didn’t work out because it was never viable.” XD
(4 likes, makes fun of AnCap #1 because she didn’t provide the link to argue against him with.)

Person #6: “I just Googled the Paris Commune.”
(7 likes, still poking fun quoting AnCap #1 without rebutting his argument.)

Person #6: This. Is. Brilliant
(4 likes, really enjoys not providing civil or honest debate.)

AnCap #2:
(apologies for reffing a Maoist, and all)
(0 likes, actually provides evidence to point out lack of female AnCaps.)

Person #6: > Doesn’t believe in the abolition of all forms of hier-archy
> An-archist
(0 likes, makes semantic argument.)

AnCap #1 Googling shit to find out more information about it is pretty brilliant. Revolutionary, even. You should try it.

I’ll take voluntary hierarchies over compulsory sharing! Not sure how compulsory anything qualifies as anarchy. Hey, we have no authority now, but we’re totally going to shoot you in the face, if you don’t shut down your business.
(1 like, continues to point out holes in AnCom’s condescending rebuttals.)

Person #6: “Still waiting to hear about how you’re gonna keep me from engaging in commerce without a state!”
I am still waiting to learn how you are going to make commerce without any state anyhow.
(3 likes, doesn’t believe capitalism can exist without a state. Finally an actual argument!!!)

AnCap #1 By squeezing lemons, mixing with sugar and water, and asking 50 cents per cup. No state required. Ain’t rocket science, bitch.
(3 likes, doesn’t believe capitalism needs a state to exist or be productive.)

Person #6: Ok. So your solution is to put “voluntary” before any word you use for slavery. Brilliant again
(0 likes, believes voluntary exchange is coercive.)

AnCap #1 Please explain how voluntary slavery is even possible.
(1 like, questions Person #6’s semantic claim.)

Person #6: No, do it yourself, I’m not the “an”cap here
(0 likes, can’t backup claim, while refusing to rebut. Makes AnCap #1 seem out of place for questioning her argument that capitalism, without a state, can’t function.)

AnCap #3: Ancaps did that
(Claims to know answer.)

AnCap #3: Walter Block you idiot
(Drops the name of an Austrian Economist as evidence, can’t tell if he’s calling Mr. Block an idiot though.)

Person #16: Who gets to make the two quarters for your lemon water?
(Detests voluntary trade, marginalizes lemonade,and forgets to factor in the cost of production.)

AnCap #3: Voluntary slave contract is an ancap idea
(Gives Walter Block credit for giving him the ammo to make a contradictory semantic argument.)

AnCap #3: The dumbest fucking one ever but an idea
(1 like for making a bad point through semantics.)

Person #6: But voluntary slavery has been ironically put forward by Étienne de la Boétie in the XVIIth century. Google that asshole
(0 likes, also name drops for evidence. She is learning from AnCap #3.)

Person #6: So, how about the value of 50 cents, without any centralized bank ? What market whithout the State mapping houses, giving them street names and numbers ? Give it a try
(0 likes, asserts that currency and central planning can’t exist without a state.)

AnCap #3: Ancaps don’t even know the history of their own wingnuts
(Marginalizes Anarcho-Capitalism for “wingnuts”.)

Person #6: He talks about “volontary” things, but he has no will to even apply his own words. Namely “I’m not going to argue the point with you retards in the fucking cat group.”
(Quotes AnCap #1’s original reaction before he started trolling, only proves that she doesn’t know what voluntary means or how it’s spelled.)

Person #12: Misogynist, ableist, homophobic and capitalist all in one thread by one dude. Fuck off @AnCap #1
(4 likes, Tells AnCap #1 to leave for being capitalist, and for also being politically incorrect.)

Person #6: Well, this is his way of winning a debate you know. Using insults based on the social domination structures
(4 likes, credits AnCap #1 for winning debate by not practicing Cultural Marxism.)

Person #12: He’s using them voluntarily of course.
(1 like, hints that AnCap #1 shouldn’t have the option of being politically incorrect.)

Person #21:
cat 1
(1 like for post of photoshopped picture.)

Person #21:
cat 2
(4 likes for picture with cat’s head even more photoshopped.)

Person #6: So, as I have read a little more about the Paris Commune than what wikipedia told me, I can tell you that the only thing that made it fall was a strategical error, namely collectively deciding not to attack the Versaillais when they were weak. The wanted to negociate a return of the former members of the parisian ruling class.
Meanwhile, the Versaillais asked for the Prussian army in exchange for commerce facilities and 2 french regions.
After getting the Prussian support and in spite of the full support of french people for the Communards, they broke in Paris with the help of the Prussian army and killed over 200 000 people (women and children included of course).
(2 likes, gives historical context without a source.)

AnCap #3: “Voluntary”+”contract”=FREEEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMM
(Creates logic equation to make liberty look dumb.)

Person #6: In sum, the only mistake the communards made ws not to slaughter people like you, asshole.
(4 likes, points out that AnComs just need to be more violent in order to survive. At first I thought he wrote commutards.)

Person #21: ^^^^^ yessss this is why i read these threads before going to work. Thank you, Camille Mačka. You brightened my day.
(1 like, happy someone else agrees with her advocation for violence.)

Person #6: But we are trying to argue with someone who doesn’t make any difference between “rules” and “state laws”, between self-government and state domination, nor between formal (or contractual) freedom and real (material) freedom
(1 like, makes semantic argument, and proves to not be knowledgeable of Anarcho-Capitalism.)

Person #21:
Cat 3
(1 like, honestly don’t know the deal with this cat.)

Person #6: thank you too @Person #21
(2 likes, happy that they agree on something that is wrong.)

Person #6: It’s funny talking with “an”caps. I had never done that before
(Laughing at their ignorance is fun for them too.)

Person #16: It gets more painful the longer you do it
(2 likes, after advocating for violence and not backing up his claims, he then goes on to say arguing with AnCaps is painful for him.)

Person #6: Come on : “Also, I just Googled the Paris Commune. It didn’t work out because it was never viable.” XD it DEFINITELY has its funny moments
(2 likes, makes fun of AnCap #1 by still not providing any evidence to back up her claims. I guess her claims are simply infallible, and don’t need to be supported by evidence.)

Person #22: That’s a pretty cat tho
(Likes cat in original post, just not the poster.)

Person #6: “Paris Commune ? Yeah, I googled it last sunday u know. Doesn’t work buddy !”
(2 likes, still no link.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: So what he’s saying is that he wants to have the means of production to make his own lemonade? I thought he said he was a capitalist.
(1 like, this is actually starting to get painful for me. It should go without saying that not all anarchists believe in communism.)

Person #6: “Hey buddies, know what ? I talked last day with a bunch of commies… called themselves anarchists… told me about the paris commune so i googled it, then i told them : “it doesn’t work you retards”. ahaha that was AWESOME”
(3 likes, still making fun of AnCap #1 without proving her point outside of advocating for violence.)

Person #6: (sorry i am trolling a bit)
(1 like, yeah the best trolls either bring up the most arbitrary shit or don’t try to make any sense.)

Person #6: “Maybe the Fitch Agency or the WB made a paper on it, showing it cannot work. I’ll check tonight on google”
(Misquotes posing as AnCap #1 to prove a point?)

Person #6: AnCap #1, let me google that for you:
(Yes, we finally have a link, but no evidence; just another insult.)

AnCap #3: Did he get banned or did he just give up when he realized that he was defending a tradition with “voluntary slave contracts” in it?
(Surprised AnCap #1 is taking this quietly, and continues to demonize Anarcho-Capitalism.)

Person #6: Didn’t get ban, that’s for sure
(Uses wrong tense, and knows AnCap #1 is still here.)

AnCap #1 I went to go take a shower and grab something to eat before I went to work… I mean my voluntary slave facility. The irony is, I spent all weekend hanging out with my uncle and his husband up in Pennsylvania and I’m going to work where I report directly to one of my best friends who is a black man in a wheelchair that makes significantly more than I do.
(1 like, says he has more important things to do, and provides exception to Cultural Marxism.)

AnCap #1 That, and this thread is getting boring. After someone threatens to shoot you in the face for selling lemonade, there really isn’t a whole lot farther you can go.
(2 likes, continues to call out Jason Misandrist Jenkins for advocating violence.)

Person #12: So you’re leaving then, yes?
(1 like, keeps telling AnCap #1 to leave. She appears to have forgotten about the drugs she was hoping to get from him.)

AnCap #1 For now. I have to dedicate the next 9 hours to taking responsibility for my finances… I mean being a “voluntary slave”.
(2 likes, points out irony by using their lingo.)

AnCap #3: Do you know how to read bro
(Yet another person implying AnCap #1 is illiterate.)

Person #23: “My uncle is gay thus I’m not a homophobe”
(4 likes, chimes in for the first time to misquote AnCap #1 in order to reject his exception to Cultural Marxism.)

Person #6: I think he wants cookie for having a friend who is both black and in a wheelchair
(6 likes, marginals AnCap #1 as childish for proving exception to Cultural Marxism.)

AnCap #3: Jay-Z makes more than me, do I have lefty cred now?
(0 likes, makes an unrealistic comparison to reaffirm Cultural Marxism.)

Person #6: I am more keen on giving tons to his friend who support this asshole with a loaded handfull of charity.
(Again advocates for violence against AnCaps.)

Person #6: oh he takes responsability for his finance. I am impressed.
(Probably being sarcastic, but proves that she won’t be held responsible for her own economic position.)

Person #6: He takes shower also, notice that. What a man.
(Real men don’t shower?)

Person #6: “After someone threatens to shoot you in the face for selling lemonade” xD
(1 like, still thinks it is hysterical that Jason Misandrist Jenkins has threatened AnCap #1 with violence.)

Person #6: I am sure he is gonna tell his black-friend-in-a-wheelchair about it. Something like
(3 likes for making things racist.)

Person #6: who sell limonade in utopia…
(1 like, imagines an anarcho-communist utopia, but sorry no lemonade there.)

AnCap #3: Like why are you putting “voluntary slave” in quotations? I agree that it sounds stupid, which it is because it’s an ancap idea. Google some more shit brah
(2 likes, reasserts disdain for AnCaps based on historical context without direct reference. Google what shit brah?)

Person #3: “After someone threatens to shoot you in the face for selling lemonade”

liek dis if u crie evertim

(5 likes for using God sarcastically.)

Person #6: Every like will be given to the Capitalist’s Wildlife Fund
(3 likes for putting AnCaps in wildlife reservations after Anarcho-Communist utopia is established.)

Jason Misandrist Jenkins: > Mocks anarchists for “voluntary slavery.”
> Doesn’t realize it’s an ancap concept.

And the fails keep rolling in.
(3 likes, happily believes Anarcho-Capitalism is slavery.)

Person #24: Ableism and homophobia…I REALLY trust this guy to hold up his end of the non-aggression principle.
(2 likes, thinks violating Cultural Marxism is as bad as breaking the NAP.)

Person #25: Red n black,,, cool!
(1 like, compliments Person #24’s communist profile cover art.)

Person #26: They say libertarianism is anarchism for rich people. I guess anarcho-capitalism is just libertarianism for high school and college kids who don’t understand that that the problem is CAPITALISM in the the first place.
(1 like, next day and he wants us to know that Libertarians and AnCaps are mislead because Capitalism is still the problem.)

Person #27: did somebody use the term “cultural marxism” as an insult? I thought I was in an anarkitty group, not arguing with the English Defense League
(6 likes. I did, but she makes sure to let everyone know that it is politically incorrect to call leftists out on their hypocritical brainwashing bullshit.)

Person #27: and when right wingers use it as an insult, and i’m all “you say that like it’s a BAD thing? Is there a workshop I can sign up to?”
(1 like, prefers this type of brainwashing bullshit and can’t wait to get another dip.)

Person #28: SO PRETTY!
(1 like, likes the cat in original post.)


So I hope you have enjoyed this commentary. I know it can be a bit much to read my comments on comments of a thread that is over 140 comments, but thanks for sticking around for the drama.
This is where it gets interactive. I still haven’t gotten myself banned from this group yet, but I have no problem getting myself banned from it. One day the pinned post on this group’s Facebook page was bragging about banning so may trolls. I’m sure it is a fast process once they notice that you’re contradicting them and arguing with their beliefs. With this in mind, I ask that anyone who’s read this to send me more material to post onto this group’s wall. I’ll make another appearance with the provided content and attempt to “rustle their jimmies”.


Not only do I hope to transcribe and provide commentary for my next appearance at (cute url right?), but I am constantly looking for more threads like this to document and criticize. I know it is not very healthy (and pretty pointless) to argue with other people on the internet, but it is important to understand how these people think. The main thing I am looking for is people willing to advocate for violence or making threats of violence to further their own political philosophy. Hopefully, we can work together to disprove more statist arguments, and point out the logical inconsistencies of their rhetoric advocating coercion.


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