Zine Fest was awesome this year, and it was a good opportunity to introduce Anarcho-Capitalism to a bunch of new people. Zine Fest ’14 was held at Diversity Thift which opporates as Richmond’s Gay Community Center. The folks of Liberate RVA and I passed out pamphlets, stickers, the latest issue of the VCU Newspaper (where Kal got featured talking about the event). I was playing the “money man” that day, so it was my responsibility to sell the zines, the armbands, or anything else we wanted to practice agorism with. At the bottom of this article I featured all my zines (free to download), and I hope you notice the symbolism of the table of contents being featured literally under the table.

The zines feature a lot of the writing I have already uploaded to Liberty.me, but I had to find a way of combining them with a common theme in mind. My zines were some of the most writing intensive of the zines found there, and now I wish I had added more pictures or snippy one-liners. The only zine I didn’t bring was “Calling out the Left” because we all thought it would have been too confrontational. I sold zines individually for $2, and I sold all 5 zines for $5; hoping to incentive people to take the inventory off my hands. We were also selling armbands for $20, but I don’t think we met anyone there who knew about Free-Market Anarchism or would be willing to wear an armband depicting the symbol. I made about $30 altogether, and made a point of giving away my zines to people I thought they could influence. Also, trading zines was pretty cool, but looking back I wonder if it was a way for people to get rid of the bad zines they came across. My favorite part of Zine Fest is getting home and going through all the radical underground literature I picked up that day. Some of it is funny and satirical, some of it is terrifying, and all of it was self-published which makes the reading experience more intimate.

There were a lot of other “zinesters,” and even the AnComs (who adamantly oppose our position) still talked with us and picked up some pamphlets. We trolled a few of them, but most seemed interested in what we had to say. However, like when I’ve usually worked with LRVA, we talked to a lot of new people who never heard of Anarcho-Capitalism before. I saw some old classmates, along with people I knew but who didn’t have the nerve to talk politics with me. Even though we were surrounded by socialists, syndicalists, and communists we still had our spot in Zine Fest’s market to compete with the differing ideologies. One woman I knew from school said to me that she didn’t follow the same circles of the material we were spreading, but she was still happy we were there to give the event more diversity.

I’d like to think people will enjoy my writing, but zine making itself is a really cool process. If you want to print out any of the zines below, please print on both sides, front to back (flip on short edge) to make sure the pages are not flipped upside down on their backsides. There is a simple format I discovered when making zines to keep the pages in order when you fold the thing in half and staple it together. You have to interweave the first pages and the final pages on the same full page to keep them in order. Then you end on the middle page, that should be the only page that reads in sequence from right-to-left.
Here is a diagram:
Zine Diagram

It can be confusing, but if you stick to an even number of pages and print in the right way the zine should read in order when it is folded in half. Also I came up with this clever trick of stapling them. When we usually think of stapling papers together we go for the margins on the left hand side or put a staple in the top left corner. Yet, with zines we have to staple in the middle of a horizontal piece of paper. Most staplers won’t reach that far, but there are still ways to land that staple. I use the edge of a desk a staple through the pages without the lower half of the stapler curling the staple in.
stapler diagram
Then once you got the staple through the middle of the zine, fold it in on itself like any other staple. Another technique I heard about was stapling onto posterboard and then closing the staple once pulling the zine off of it. However, there are plenty of staplers that were specifically designed to do this task, it’s just that not everyone has a need for them.
stapler (1)

If you want any help making zines or formatting them, feel free to email me at 10706ty@gmail.com to schedule a writing consultation. I’m still doing Friendly Fridays at 3PM EDT, and please join the Writers’ Corner to talk with others about the writing process and your work.

Student Writing

Dead Autumn Rain

Alt Media

From Outside the State

AnCap Swagger

Calling out the Left

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